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The wedding table plan.

The 'Leaf' table plan

One of the most important pieces of on the day wedding stationery!

Your table plan or seating chart will let your guests know where they will be sitting (and who they will be sitting with) at your wedding breakfast.

Pink floral 'Lucy' table plan

Deciding on where you are going to seat your guests can get pretty stressful - does Becky know Kate? who will get on with Uncle John?* Can Nanny hear the speeches from that table? These could be some of the questions running through your head whilst your living room is covered in loads of pieces of paper (pretending to be tables) and hundreds of post it notes (with all of your guests names scribbled on them).

*Obviously no offence intended, your Uncle John is probably a really nice person.

We've come up with a few hints and tips to help you on your way in deciding who is going to sit where at your wedding breakfast...

1) Get organised!

Make sure that you know the layout of the room, the amount of people coming and how many tables you have before making any decisions. It will be helpful to draw out the tables and their locations before getting people's names down. Use a pencil instead of a pen - just in case you want to make some changes! Post it notes are also great if you're not 100% and want to move people around until you're happy with the arrangement.

2) Family first

Regarding the etiquette of seating your guests, family (and very close friends) are definitely meant to be seated close to you/the top table.

2) Mix it up

You don't have to keep your friends separate from your other half's friends - you never know who might get on like a house on fire! Try and put a couple of people who do know each other together to get the conversation flowing.

3) Table names/Table numbers

Giving each table a name or a number really helps your guests in finding the table they'll be sitting on (it can also highlight your wedding theme - bonus!)

4) Place cards

Place cards help all of your guests find where they will be sitting - you could even use tags and attach these to your favours to make your wedding a bit different! Personalising your table menus is also a great way of letting your guests find their seat (and letting them know what they'll be eating - yum!)

5) Take it easy

Planning a wedding can be stressful. With so much to organise, it's easy to start feeling swamped. Choose an evening when you and your bride or groom-to-be can sit together and tackle this head on. Remember, it is meant to be an enjoyable experience - if it's beginning to get a bit stressful, take a break and relax!

Our 'Boho' wedding table plan

Remember, we're always here to help if you need us!

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